Detailed below are some frequently asked questions about general foot health and caring for your shoes

How old should my child be before I buy their first pair of shoes?

Children usually start walking between the age of 10 and 15 months. It is important to remember that young children’s feet are not yet developed and are vulnerable to conditions such as badly fitting shoes and socks. Babies’  feet do not yet have bones only soft cartilage which can be easily moulded into the wrong shape if it is constricted. Even tight socks and sleep suits can damage the foot at this age, therefore it is important that your child is walking with confidence before you purchase their first pair of shoes.

How important is fitting?

Ill fitting shoes can cause problems in later life and unfortunately we cannot predict how quickly a child’s foot will grow or by how much. We therefore recommend that you have your children’s feet measured regularly to ensure shoes fit correctly and have plenty of growing room.

We recommend a fit check every 6-8 weeks when your child is toddling and every 3-4 months when they are older.

Caring for your shoes 

We have taken great care to chose an extensive range of good quality shoes. In order to enjoy these shoes for as long as possible please take a moment to read below:

1) please wear your shoes in the comfort and safety of your own home before you venture out side. (We are unable to honour and returns/refunds if worn outside)

2) you should consider where and how your child will wear their shoes. There are boots and shoes for every occasion and it is common sense to use the right kind. Wearing unsuitable foot wear in demanding conditions may well be beyond the capabilities of the shoe.

3) only wash shoes if they are clearly labelled as washable and be sure to follow the washing instructions.

4) In order for your shoes to last as long as possible, we recommend initial protection ( a waterproof spray) and regular cleaning and polishing

If you have any queries regarding the care/suitability of your shoes then please contact us in store before they are worn outside .